Pump Services

Professional Pump Solutions.

Quinn’s Well & Pump Service, Inc is your reliable provider of top-notch water supply solutions. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Rogue Valley.


Contact us for a complete water system installation. Our team is experienced in drilling wells and installing pressure tanks, cycle stop valves, and hand pumps for power outages. Additionally, we can set up holding tank systems for low-yielding wells.


Turn to us today for tried-and-tested water well and pump repairs. We work on all major brand pumps for irrigation and domestic use.


Make sure that your water supply system is running efficiently with our maintenance services. Our staff is equipped to clear waterlogged pressure tanks, troubleshoot pump system problems, and replace electrical control boxes and pressure switches. To ensure that your tank has good constant pressure and flow, we offer annual preventative maintenance checks.

Additional Services We Offer

Water Treatment and Filtration

With our water conditioning services, you can have a steady supply of clean water in your home or business. We also offer free water testing.


Well Flow Testing

Get a better idea of your water system’s yield. Take advantage of our well flow testing service today.


24-Hour Emergency Services

Forget about the hassle of dealing with a faulty water pump or tank. Reach out to us for emergency water supply services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other Water Supply Solutions

If you do not see the service you need, let us know. As long as your problem is related to water wells and pumps, we can assist you.

Contact us today to get a free on-site estimate.
We travel up to 60 miles from our location.