Parts and Accessories

Excellent Water Supply Products

See to it that you get top-notch parts and accessories for your water supply system. Drop by Quinn’s Well & Pump Service, Inc. We carry an excellent selection of products for various water wells and pumps from several brands. We are located in Grant’s Pass but service the entire Rogue Valley.

Quality You Can Trust

At Quinn’s, we put your satisfaction above all else. To provide you with top-quality water tank and well products, we work with some of the most respected manufacturers in the country. In fact, we are the area’s exclusive provider of Berkeley products.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

We understand that it can be difficult to find the right part or accessory for your water supply system. Feel free to ask one of our team members for assistance. We are always happy to help.

Ask Us About Our Inventory

Let us know if the product you are looking for is not on our list. More often than not, we have it in our inventory. If we do not have the item in stock, we know where to get parts and accessories for any product or brand.

Our Items Include:

    • Check valves
    • Control boxes
    • Float switches
    • Foot valves
    • PVC fittings
    • Pump protection
    • Filter cartridges

    • Bag filter cartridges
    • Hand pumps (Simple Pump)
    • Pressure gauges
    • Pressure switches
    • Sand filters
    • Ultraviolet light bulbs
  • Ultraviolet light quartz sleeve
  • Ultraviolet light cartridges
  • PVC drop pipe
  • Submersible wire
  • Salt for water softeners
  • Well seals

For more information about our products contact us today and we will be happy to help.
You may also reach out to us via email.