Simple Pump

Water Hand Pumps

Quinn’s Well & Pump Service, Inc is the exclusive Simple Pump dealer in the Rogue Valley and the rest of Southern Oregon. With the Simple Pump, you can be assured that you will have water even without electricity.

What Is Simple Pump?

The Simple Pump is a manually powered water pump that allows you to refill your tank during power outages. When the power goes out, the Simple Pump will pressurize your house with water and serve as a backup to your water supply system. In addition, the Simple Pump can address your water supply needs if you are living off the grid.

Benefits of the Simple Pump

Hassle-Free Installation and Operation

One of the best features of the Simple Pump is that it is easy to use. The Simple Pump can also be installed next to your existing submersible pump.

Motorized Option

The Simple Pump is more than just a standard hand pump. The unit can be equipped with a solar-powered motor adaptor to increase water yield.

If you have any questions about the Simple Pump, contact us today and we can help.